Protect your investment with PAC-ARMOR

Pac-Armor was developed out of necessity as a tool to “Safeguard” against invasive pests or hitch hiking insects.

After five years of development and many tests with USDA we are proud to release Pac-Armor.

In short, Pac-Armor is a revolutionary netting system which is easy to apply and gives you the protection needed from evasive pests or hitchhikers that can jeopardize a pallet load of fruit or other commodities. Our goal is to offer a Safeguarding System that will protect valuable import / export markets by reducing the number of invasive species  introductions.

Quality Tested

Pac-Armor has been fully, and rigorously, tested by the USDA and passed all standards

Easy Application

Inspectors can easily gain access to the produce to inspect, stamp, add info or mark boxes

Maximum Efficiency

After application product can be taken straight to the fumigation chamber where the process can be applied with no restrictions.



We have spent the last 5 years refining a secure option to help you make sure your products are protected from those pests during handling and shipping world wide.

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With Pac-Armor you can ship commodities with CONFIDENCE


Application process of each of our products is very simple, as to not delay any of your standard operations.

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Allow us to assist you in the protection of your valuable produce with our new line of protective Pac-Armor products.

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Pac-Armor is a rigorously tested, cost effective, net system created to totally encapsulate a pallet of produce.

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Step One

Place Pac-Armor base over the pallet. Cover and spread corner to corner with the edges folded down. Load product onto the pallets. Once the first row of product is placed on the pallet, fold up the edges of the pallet cover and make sure they are aligned. Finish loading your products onto the pallet.

Step Two

Roll the cover over the top of the product. Pull down one side panel at a time and stretch the sides to join the Velcro edges at the corner to create a seam - making sure you have a smooth finish. Move to the next side and repeat the process. Simply bring down the zipper on the two completed edges. The cover is now installed

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